Gypsies rely on their irresistible charisma, knowledge of ancient lore, and the trusting nature of naive townsfolk to obtain whatever they seek. They always seem to convince their target of their veracity…

No one quite remembers why the gypsies roam Eslen, never staying in one place for more than a few weeks. Old wives tales speak of outcasts, demon curses and even divine beings masquerading as mortals to explain their wandering. Who’s to say which explanation is correct?

Regardless of their origins, gypsies possess an innate ability to harness the magical energy that flows freely through Eslen. Many refuse to study under the tutelage of the headmasters at the Seid. Instead choosing to learn the ancient incantations for spells, curses and charms handed down generation after generation.

Each time a gypsy incantation is handed down it grows in power. The oldest incantations are saved for grievous offenses and last ditch efforts and are nearly impossible to dispel. Curses often require the afflicted individual to make reparations to the gypsy in question.


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