The Creation of Man

In the beginning, there was nothing save light and dark. These two entities existed separately for as long as Eslen itself has existed.

One day the Light and the Dark touched and swirled together. Tighter and tighter they swirled together until they formed Terra. Terra was nothing but empty water and barren land.

A ripple formed in water and from it sprung Ouranos. From the dust upon the land grew Gaia. Together they roamed Terra forming plants and animals to decorate their home.

Eventually the pair grew bored of each other and desired more company.

Together, Ouranos and Gaia created 13 children to live in Terra in their presence.

Ouranos pulled together wind and clouds from the sky above and wrapped it around the granite rock Gaia had pulled from the ground below. Their first born would be named Pater and he would be the strongest and wisest of them all.

Daeudremaine was to be their second born. Ouranos dug deep within the depths of the oceans and brought up the darkest waters. Gaia filled this water with the darkest of wood. This son would be intelligent and cunning.

Vaenn, Gnott and Skyn were created next. Three divine daughters. Vaenn crafted out of pearls, corals and the sweetest of flowers would be the most beautiful and kind. Gnott was born of fish bones and wheat. She would be hard-working and generous. Skyn was brought forth from a powerful geyser and blessed with a deep understanding of Terra. Skyn was the most knowledgeable of the daughters.

Ofridr sprung forth from a tumultuous earthquake. He was fierce and persistent. Ofridr would always be quick to violence.

Myrkkr crept in through the darkest shadows and lifeless air. She moved about in silence and could sneak up on any of her siblings with ease.

Aegir, Helios and Aeolus were Ouranos' own creations. Aegir was brought forth from the oceans and could control all things contained within them. Helios was made from brightest of light and could give creatures the divine gift of flight.  Aeolus was born of the winds and good bring relief of destruction through their mighty power.

Gaia harnessed the powers within Terra to create Isis and Caerus. Isis was capable of manipulating any part of Terra to suit her whims. Caerus could change the fate of any creature with the blink of an eye.

Their final son was created as a result of the time Ouranos and Gaia spent making their children. Aeon was made of nothing but time. He flowed through Terra freely and helped bring change to the world.

All of the beings lived in harmony for many ages. Each of the children created many creatures to fit their whims and desires.

As the centuries went by, Terra grew quite crowded as more and more beings filled it to the brim. It became clear that something had to be done. The creators of the world, Ouranos and Gaia, brought together a council of their children to determine the fate of Terra and all of its creatures. The most powerful of their children, Pater and Daudremaine, were the most vocal. Each with their own version of what would be best for Terra.

Daudremaine, the son roaming the deepest, darkest crevices, wanted to plunge Terra into darkness forming the land into deep caves and vast dark oceans. Only the toughest, mostviolent creatures would survive.

Pater, their son inhabiting the tallest mountain peaks wanted to elevate the land. Creating towering mountains with lofty peaks. Only the most beautiful and intelligent creatures of Terra would be able to reach tops.

Ouranos and Gaia were unable to decide on a single path for Terra and feared that left to their own devices Daudremaine and Pater would destroy each other and take all of Terra with them in their struggle for control of the land. In order to appease both of their sons Ouranos and Gaia used all of their power to create The Abyss and The Heavens. The Abyss sunk far below Terra, deeper than any cave or ocean had ever gone. The Heavens rose high above Terra, far out of reach for any being without the divine flight. One realm was created for each of their most powerful sons to rule over and take their favorite creatures and siblings with them. Terra would be left for whatever remained.

However, in the process of creating these new planes, the creators of the known world had used all of their divine powers and had no remaining strength. They fell to the ground and died. Their other children were so distraught at the loss of their parents that they declared all things made of earth and stone to be worshipped as Gaia; all things made of sky and water to be worshipped as Ouranos.

The Creation of Man

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