Keeping Time on Eslen, pt. 1 - Months of the Year

The current and most popular system of recording time on Eslen is called the Clavendonian Method, popularized by the elven wizard Fenna Clavendonia over 1,000 years ago. Known for being very meticulous about how everything in her life needed to be done, Fenna grew upset one day when she noticed that there was no established way to reference, in writing at least, anything from the past. Being an avid note-taker, the lack of proper time-keeping grew to be more of a problem whenever she needed to go back to her old notes and couldn't determine when certain experiments were performed. She took the issue into her own hands and devised a system that worked for her. 

Knowing that it took about 24 hours for a day to pass, Fenna decided to use this fact as the basis for her timekeeping. Because 24 hours was a relatively short period of time, she aimed to fit a number of days into a much larger unit of measurement. After careful thought, she decided to measure the number of days it took for the sun to go through a cycle of long and short duration, which was a phenomenon recorded by several other scholars in the past. She measured three entire cycles with razor-sharp precision and determined that each cycle was 420 days long, redefining what others called a "year". From there, it was easy to divide a year into smaller units, which she called weeks and months (7 days in a week, 10 weeks in a month, 6 months in a year).

Fenna spaced out each month to correspond to a specific portion of the year. She was directly responsible for the naming of the months.

Month 1 – Aeon's Commencement. This month marks the beginning of the new year and the celebration of Aeon, the god of time. The first day of Aeon's Commencement is the shortest day of the year and each day afterwards grows longer and warmer.

Month 2 – Gnott's Blessing. This month is met with warmer weather and the beginning of crop planting in Eslen. The month is named in honor of Gnott, the goddess of the harvest and earthly bounties.

Month 3 – Sun's Glory. This month brings longer and hotter days to Eslen, a phenomenon called "summer" by the locals. The sun is at its highest in the sky on the last day of Sun's Glory. 

Month 4 – Helios' Descent. This month marks the beginning of shorter days throughout the rest of the year. The earliest crops to harvest usually occur near the end of the month. The month is named after Helios, the god who can harness the power of the sun.

Month 5 – Myrkkr's Influence. This month is known for the coming of colder weather and longer nights. The month is named after Myrkkr, the goddess of darkness and night. 

Month 6 – Moon's Madness. This month is known for dark nights and intense winter storms. The last day of Moon's Madness marks the end of the year.

When she showed her finished dating method to her fellow scholars, it was met with near universal acclaim, excluding her reasoning for numbering the years the way she did. The Clavendonian Method quickly became the standard approach to recording time on Eslen, even to this day.

Keeping Time on Eslen, pt. 1 - Months of the Year

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