5 Fun Facts About Eslen

1. Cirenshire has been the capital city for the last 700 years. This city functions as a trading hub for the entire empire. Just about any item or service is available, for the right price.

2. Magical energy flows strongly throughout the entire continent. Those who wish to harness its power can do so easily. Help from a mentor can turn a novice into a master of the arcane in a few decades.

3. Eslen has been at peace for the last 500 years following the Great War of The Underdark. However, after the war all magical portals ceased to exist. Gates, portals and other magical means of teleportation haven't worked since the conclusion of the war.

4. The entire continent of Eslen has been almost completely mapped and explored, save the very edges where the lush forests give way to desolate deserts. Adventurers that explore beyond these boundaries rarely return.

5. Several secret guilds call Eslen their home. Garnering an invitation is usually rather difficult.


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