Tag: Hag


  • Granny Grelda Gristlegums

    No one quite knows how or why the Hag's Woods appeared when it did but it would seem that at least one of the Hags appeared with it. Granny Gristlegums is a powerful, old crone capable of forging fate-altering deals with all sorts of beings. But, beware …

  • Dread Drusilla Dreamthiever

    Little is known of the Night Hag that lives in these woods. Dread Drusilla Dreamthiever is only sought out by the most desperate of individuals. All deals struck with a Night Hag usually end in the same payment: your soul. Few have lived to spread the …

  • Wicked Winnie Wormwiggle

    Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, Winnie was the strong arm of the coven. Cunning in her own way she could disable or dispose of troublemakers quickly.