Tag: Council Member


  • MIA - Nave Bonnets

    Naves is a cool customer. He is the Head of the High Council appointed by Lord Dampnut. Naves was the mastermind behind the wall and the certified royal papers for entry into Ruinswick.

  • MIA - Kasula Inafiel

    Member of the High Council. In charge of negotiating a new peace agreement with the Centauroi. She hates the Centauroi and wants nothing more than to destroy them. One thing to note about Kasula, she believes she's one of the most beautiful and …

  • Awkius

    The final member of the High Council and by far the least qualified. Awkius is an ancient wizard that owns and runs the largest tavern/brothel in Ruinswick. While his business practices are slightly questionable The Nagging Wife has become somewhat of a …