Lord Grylor the Wise

Previous Lord of Ruinswick


Centaurs generally disapprove of how the two-legged creatures interact with nature and defile and abuse it. Unwilling to go to all-out war, the centaurs sent an ambassador to the growing town. Grylor was the most learned and well-spoken of the group and was willing to try and negotiate with these infiltrators. When Grylor arrived at the settlement he discovered that these poor misguided creatures knew nothing of how to survive on this land. He used his vast knowledge of working the land and creating sustainable farms as a bargaining chip with the townsfolk. In exchange for helping them, they would agree to let the encampment in the forest be and would no longer interfere with their day-to-day lives. In return the Centauroi would allow them to hunt and gather materials from the forest as long as they promised to do their best to no longer defile the land.

Grylor was oddly charismatic for a Centaur and the townsfolk agreed to the deal. Grylor stayed in town for many years helping Ruinswick to develop into a bustling lumber town. Word spread to the capital and King Reynaude summoned Grylor for an audience with him. At this audience Reynaude honored Grylor’s wise ways and bestowed upon him the title of Lord and all benefits associated with it.

When Lord Grylor returned to Ruinswick his reception was warm and welcome, except for a small group of dissenters that did not approve of a beast governing their town. The Centauroi were mostly ambivalent, not caring to get involved in the two-legs’ affairs. However, a group of warriors were displeased with this new development either.

Lord Grylor was unaware of the dissenters and pleasantly surprised at his warm welcome home. Maybe being Lord of Ruinswick wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Lord Grylor the Wise

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