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Cirenshire blacksmith



Harald never really fit in with the rest of his tribe. Being nearly 5’5" Harald is awfully tall for a true born dwarf. His mother always told him that his father had wandered off into the mountain after he was born, but Harald knew that wasn’t the full story.

Either way, his large size gave him a large advantage when it came to crafting weapons and plate armor. Harald was many times stronger than even the strongest dwarf. Trollgranite was always disappointed that Harald did not choose the path of the warrior.

When word spread of his smithing prowess, Harald was summoned by King Reynaude to forge weapons and armor for the empire. This wasn’t exactly an offer Harald could refuse, so he packed up and moved to the capital.

His mother crafted a small necklace with a warhorn pendant to remind Harald of where he came from and sent him off with all of her love.

Soon after Harald arrived at the capital, he got word that his mother had met a tragic end. The letter said she had an accident near the mine shafts, but Harald knew that she had been dealt all the loss she could handle.

Ever toiling over his forge in Cirenshire, Harald forges some of the toughest steel in the realm. Some say it’s also the finest steel for enchanting…

Harald Bluetooth

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