High Priest of The Temple of The Divines


Class: Cleric, Arcana Domain
Level: Medium
Weapons: Proficient in none, keeps a dagger for emergencies


Gwayne worked his way up to High Priest the same way any other acolyte would: hard work and determination. He was the poster child of devotion, never once straying from the path set forward by the gods and their disciples.

Gwayne has a soft spot in his heart for young women looking for guidance at the temple. He’s had many interesting incidents involving himself and young women of questionable repute. Last spring, several of these young women managed to expel all of the acolytes from the temple and hold Gwayne hostage. The Royal Guard had to bust down the doors and arrest them all and save Gwayne. Gwayne is still living down the embarrassment associated with that particular event.


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