How it all began

For the last three nights, we've gone back in time to learn how our players first became adventuring partners.

Called to action by Headmaster Ignatius, Grim, Seres, Sai and the newest arrival Ruperiel start off on a mission to restore order to Ruinswick. Through nefarious means, Lord Dampnut deposed Lord Grylor the Wise and began constructing a wall around the town by dismantling "unnecessary buildings" and taking away funding from much needed public works.

The party was able to infiltrate the Lord's Manor and find incriminating evidence to use against Dampnut. After a salacious visit to the Nagging Wife (local brothel) our adventurers made their way down to the caverns beneath Ruinswick looking for the thieves hired to carry out Dampnut's plan. Making contact with the Thieves' Guild of Ruinswick and their somewhat terrifying leader Vlog the Impaler, the party was able to convince them to turn against Dampnut in exchange for several ponies (and as it would turn out everything of value in the manor…).

With some help from Ignatius and the unwitting Awkius, the party threw a festival in Dampnut's honor to lure him out into public. Dampnut, unable to resist any type of accolade showed up right on cue. The party exposed his treachery, and piggy tail, working the townsfolk up into a frenzied mob. Lord Grylor made a triumphant return and had Dampnut arrested so that he could stand trial for his crimes. Lord Grylor rewarded the party with a small parcel of land near the Misty Ruins near the forest for their services.


Dampnut's trial was short and sweet as Seres' great-uncle Gantar Alvionne was not pleased by the evidence presented before him. Due to nature of his crimes, Dampnut was sentenced to life as servant in the Seid where he would spend the rest of his days serving Samantha Ripper, the Headmaster of Magical Medicine and Curiosities. The last inmate to serve Samantha was allegedly killed in a horrific accident… That is if you believe her story about the pixies affixing the man to her autopsy table with a holding charm she was unable to dispel.


Bcamp Bcamp

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