Demons in Disguise

Night 1

Stumbling across the execution of a seemingly innocent man, the party intervened to investigate claims of an ancient tome. Through less-than legal means, they liberated the prisoner (Noster) and helped him on his quest. Noster was sent by the Royal Court Mage of Cirenshire to retrieve an ancient tome of immense value. The tome was located in a Faerie Dragon treasure hoard – that actually turned out to be a Green Dragon treasure hoard… After defeating the all of the various sizes of dragons, the party bedded down for the night. Everyone was startled awake at the same moment only to find Noster attempting to make off with the tome in secret. After asking semi-nicely for Noster to hand the tome over, the party discovered he planned on keeping it for himself the whole time. Noster was defeated and discovered to be a poorly disguised Cambion attempting to steal the tome. The party decided to take the tome back to Cirenshire as no one could make out the strange script it was written in and find out all they could from the Royal Court Mage herself. Along the way to the capital, the body of the human Noster was discovered and given a proper burial. The party arrived in Cirenshire around supper time and spent a few hours shopping and drinking ale before bedding down for the night at the Night Mare Inn. Here they met Gwayne a troubled priest of the Temple of the Divines and learned part of his intriguing incident with a young woman named Prissea. 


Bcamp Bcamp

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